Divorce is another term for dissolution of marriage, which is the procedure to legally end a couple’s marriage. A petition for dissolution of marriage is filed to start the action to terminate a marriage, and is finalized when a Judgment of Dissolution is entered which sets forth the division of property (assets and debts), custody and a parenting plan, if there are minor children, and child and spousal support, if warranted.

The decision to divorce is a difficult one and often the hardest part of the process is taking the first step. Divorce can result in one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life. At Dockstader Orliczky, we can make a client’s divorce experience less stressful by providing the proper legal advice and guidance to help them through this process. With decades of experience helping clients through difficult times, our firm provides the expertise and support necessary to minimize as much of the pain of the dissolution process as possible. Our firm has years of experience in business and civil litigation, specializing in handling divorces that involve complex financial issues, high-conflict litigation, and complicated custody matters.

We understand every California divorce is unique and tailor our services to meet each client’s specific goals and the special circumstances of their case. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services to address our client’s family law issues. For clients whose situations are amenable to non-adversarial alternatives, our attorneys are skilled at resolving family conflicts through mediation, collaborative practice, and divorce advisement. We work to successfully negotiate the most favorable settlement available based on a client’s individual concerns. In cases where settlement is not an option, our attorneys are prepared to litigate and advocate for our clients in court to attempt to obtain the most successful outcome possible.