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Move-Away / Inter-State and International Custody

In many child custody cases, one or both parents will file a request to relocate, or move away, with their child or children to a different city, state, or country.  These cases often involve evolving laws and international treaties and can significantly affect the other parent’s visitation, custody or support rights when determining where a child will live. It is vital for a client to have someone representing their best interest who understands the intricacies of these laws and their application to negotiate the most favorable position available in a request for relocation. Our team of attorneys has substantial experience handling these complex jurisdictional issues and can protect you and your custodial interest if you or the other parent makes a request to relocate.

In a move-away child custody case, a parent has the option of requesting a 730 Child Custody Evaluation to determine an appropriate custody and visitation schedule based upon the best interests of the child given the parent’s decision to move.