There are four types of protective orders that can help protect you or your loved ones.

Criminal Protective Order– A criminal protective order may be obtained by a victim or witness to a crime through the District Attorney’s office.  These orders may last throughout the court proceedings and can also be lengthened for up to ten years where the victim has proven the accused has harmed or threatened him or her in some way.

Emergency Protective Order– Emergency protective orders can last up to five days and may be obtained without notifying the accused.  These orders may be obtained through law enforcement and go into effect immediately after issuance.

Temporary Restraining Order– Temporary restraining orders or domestic violence restraining orders last for 15 days or until a hearing for a permanent restraining order and must be issued by a judge.

Permanent Restraining Order– A permanent restraining order will only be issued after the accused has been notified and has an opportunity to be heard.  The restraining order can last up to five years and may be renewed to extend beyond five years.